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Storage Tank Heater

Heatco Storage Tank Heaters are manufactured from 40mm N/B ASTM A 106 grade B seamless pipe.

As standard practice when completed they are subject to 10% radiographic examination in addition to a minimum hydraulic test pressure of 35bar for a period of one hour.

Tank Heaters are used in a variety of applications where conventional heavy fuels, high viscosity crude oils, coal tar, bitumen, mineral oils are stored.

The heating process can include maintaining the tank contents at a set temperature or to raise the temperature of the stored liquid in a set time.

Individual Tank modules are designed to pass through a standard 600mm diameter manhole.

Benefits of HeatcoTank Heaters:-

• Dramatically reduces welding times.
• In house examinations.
• Hydraulic testing.
• X ray of welded joints.
• Used on new or existing tanks where the only access is through an existing man way.

Forward the following information for a design consideration:-

• Medium to be stored.
• Storage tank physical dimensions.
• Is the tank insulated.
• Do you want to hold the temperature or raise the temperature and hold at the raised temperature?


Fuel Oils Viscosity @ 50ºC Minimum Temperature Storage Minimum Pumping Temperature Temperature @ Outflow Heater Outlet
Class F 110 25ºC 30ºC
Class G 380 40ºC 50ºC
Class H 600 45ºC 55ºC
Bitumen   150ºC 150ºC

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